Volunteer 2017

Boise Braves MTB is a Volunteer Based Program

Sign up to assist the team throughout the season. Many like to show up and just jump in where needed, and while this is valuable, we can’t plan effectively without specific roles for committed volunteers. Below are some of the roles needed throughout the year:

Season Support & Questions (contact Team Director) or Signup.com HERE

BBMTB Bike Skills Camp – Check out Specific Roles & Volunteer HERE

IICL Volunteers needed to get Race Pit Zone proper size and on time!


BBMTB Volunteer spots still available to set up camp and team Pit Zone

For Jug Jamboree –  http://signup.com/go/WzWxTiC  

For Bogus State Championships – http://signup.com/go/XjrYezG


  1. Accounting Management: Create team budget. Maintain team checkbook register and budget. Deposit sponsor and fundraising funds. Prepare budget summary post­season. Reimburse coaches for travel. Pay coach stipends. Pay for team equipment purchases.
  1. Roster / Team Communications: Maintain team contact roster, including coaches, riders and parents. Send team email updates regarding practices, meetings and races. Depending on the team’s system, requires Excel/Google Sheets or Team Snap application use.
  1. Pit Zone Management: Ensure all coaches and student ­athletes are registered and“practice ready” in Pit Zone. Assist riders/parents with team and race registration. Send roster/emergency contact list export to coaches. Pay annual team registration fees to league.
  1. Website/Social Media: Maintain website with timely additions of info/photos, etc. Write and post race and team updates.
  1. Parent Communication: Serve as contact for parents with questions during season.Refer questions to head coach when needed.
  1. Photography/Videography: Collect and catalog photographs from parents, coaches and riders. Send to web and social media manager for posting and for use in marketing materials. Responsible for official team photo for use with marketing and sponsor relations.
  1. Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit new volunteers to work with team.
  2. Carpool Coordinator: Make calls and send emails to connect parent drivers with those who need rides to practices and races.


  1. Coaches: Lead student-athletes on Friday pre-ride & Saturday warm-ups and give guidance and advice for races.
  2. Food: Coordinate food for races and other team events. Organize parents to provide food (consider pre/post race snacks, breakfast & lunch) at each event.
  1. Team Area Management (Logistics): Manage setup and breakdown of team tents and equipment at races. Find a volunteer mechanic. Ensure proper setup of team tent area to make site parent friendly and supportive of racers. Serve as overall manager of team tent site/materials at race including the tent, walls, tables, water jugs, bike racks, etc.


  1. Sponsor Procurement: Prepare team marketing materials and sponsorship proposals. Solicit potential sponsors before and throughout the season.
  2. Sponsor Relations/Updates: Prepare periodic team updates and race reports to post on team website and to email to sponsors, parents and local news media. Create and send out thank you letters and team photographs at end of season.
  3. In­-Season Fundraising: Create and manage fundraising opportunities and events like Desert Dirt Shredfest, bike swaps, movie screenings and bake sales. Think of new fundraising ideas (i.e., team cookbook, calendar, etc.).


  1. Team Clothing Order: Coordinate team clothing order. Create and finalize designs with clothing company(s). Place orders and collect money for orders from riders and parents. Coordinate with sponsors to get sponsor logos for team jersey. Contact local bike shops to determine if they want to order and stock team jerseys at shops.
  1. Team Equipment Manager: Maintain team/loaner bike fleet. Order and install replacement parts. Assist team members with personal bike maintenance and parts ordering.
  1. Pro ­Order Management: Coordinate pro ­orders and discounts from local shops and sponsors. Place team orders from relevant sponsors. Collect orders/funds from team members. Distribute orders to team when they arrive.
  1. Bike Repair Clinics: Find volunteer mechanics to work with riders on repairing bikes during the season. Coordinate team bike repair clinics to teach riders bike maintenance.


  1. End of Season Team Party: Coordinate end-of-­season BBQ or potluck party for team. Reserve adequate site. Work with parents to coordinate potluck food and drinks.
  1. Rider and Coach Recognition: Develop rider recognition certificates, liaise with BHS Athletics for letters and coordinate small gifts for coaches and riders.


  1. Community Outreach/Trail Advocacy: Identify and partner with local organizations to enable team to perform trail maintenance and trail advocacy work.
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