Team Leadership

NEW Coaches Needed! 
Remember, it takes a large number of coaches to ensure we can provide the safe instruction and risk management to have a season. For every 8 student-athletes, we need at least 3 coaches, if not more… and with more than 100 riders on our team, well that’s a lot of coaches!

Coaching is a fun way to be part of the team, get on your bike and watch the student- athletes improve their skills and fitness. Previous coaching experience is not required and we have a number of experienced coaches who can help you get up to speed. If you are interested in Coaching in the Idaho League – read more about it today and then request an invite from your BBMTB Team Director, Carolyn,

NOTE: The Idaho League heavily subsidizes all coach training costs and the BBMTB Team reimburses Level 2 & 3 coaches up to $300/ year for coach licensing and training expenses.

Coach Training Opportunities!

The NICA PitZone is also open for Coaches to begin or resume the process to ensure you are ready and able to help lead our team on the trails this season. The NICA PitZone contains a variety of important information and process requirements. Check out the new Coach Licensing Requirements here: NICA Coach Licensing Program

Returning Coaches: 
If you are a returning coach, please sign in to the NICA PitZone and start your licensing process. The Idaho League pays your coach licensing fee; you will only need to pay the Background Check fee to get started. 

For returning NICA Licensed Coaches who want to maintain Level 2 & 3 certification, the Idaho League is offering multiple Wilderness First Aid Courses. Check the IICL Calendar of Events and sign up for a weekend that fits your schedule. Also, they have added additional Leadership Summit dates in May; see the Online Leaders Summit Schedule here. This is a one-time requirement for Level 3 Licensing. Read more details about the Leadership Summit in the January – IDAHO COACHES NEWS.

Carolyn Park – Team Director

Board of Directors and Volunteer Committees

Our leadership team has a clear goal of building a long-term sustainable model of volunteer engagement and commitment to deliver a fun, educational and empowering experience for student athletes and their families. We have learned a lot from our experiences and have benefited from recent growth on our leadership team that brings experience in communications, leadership, team and organizational development. Our volunteer engagement plan is framed within the following committee structure:

CommunicationsDawn Bolen
Co-lead Jenni Jordan
Josh Jordan
FundraisingAaron Kowalczyk
Co-lead OPEN
Aaron Kowalczyk
Finance & Team AccountingSharon Konkel
Jr Treasurer OPEN
Mike diVittorio
Uniforms & MerchandiseKealy Baughman
Co-lead Susan Mitchell
Kealy Baughman
Events & RegistrationCarolyn Park
Co-lead Vanessa Holstine
Carolyn Park
LogisticsBob Park
Co-lead Brad Devroude
Brad Koeckeritz
FoodAnne Anderson
Co-lead Jennifer Anderson
Naya Antink
VolunteersEric Holstine
Co-lead OPEN
Naya Antink Shaber
CoachingAndrew Shaber
Co-lead Tim Curry
Lance Davisson

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