Where and when is Bike Skills Camp?

  • Jug Mountain Ranch – June 19 – 21, 2020



Where are the IICL races for the 2020 season?

  • Race #1 : Brundage Mountain, McCall – August 29,2020
  • Race #2 : Grand Charge, Grand Targhee Resort – September 12, 2020
  • Race #3 : Jug Jamboree, Jug Mountain Ranch – September 19, 2020
  • Race #4 : Magic Mountain – September 26, 2020
  • Race #5 : Portneuf Wellness Complex/McNabb Ranch – October 3, 2020
  • Race #6 : (State Championship) : Bogus Boss, Bogus Basin Resort – October 10, 2020

What should we plan on for a race weekend?

  • Race weekends are an opportunity for a team camp. All racers and family members are encouraged to camp at the team camp on Friday nights. Many choose to also stay on Saturday and return home Sunday.
  • Friday – Please Note: The Boise High Mountain Bike Team encourages riders to pre-ride the race course on Friday afternoon. We typically schedule a team pre-ride at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Many riders and their families choose to miss school on Friday, or attend for a half day, to ensure they can attend the pre-ride. Please ensure enough time for your racer to get warmed up and ready for the ride. If you’d like he or she to help with camp setup, factor that into your schedule as well.
  • Saturday – A typical race-day schedule begins with warm-up rides as early as 6 a.m. and concludes with the awards ceremony at 6 p.m., or even later. Expect a full day with plenty of volunteer opportunities.
  • Meals: From Friday afternoon through Saturday evening, racers will have a full schedule. Meals, normally Friday dinner, and Saturday breakfast and lunch will be provided by the team.
  • More information about race weekend is available in the Team Handbook. You can also find information about the races, including course information, category placement tables, rules and more at the Idaho League site here.

What should we bring on race weekends?

For CampingFor Racing
Warm winter hat, pants, shorts, long & short sleeve shirts, underwear & socks, wind or rain jacket, sweatshirt, insulating jacket Working bike: Derailleur shifting well; brakes adjusted/not rubbing; wheels true, tires in good condition. Take care of all mechanical problems before race weekend. 
Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, light, pillow Camel Back/Water Bottle, helmet, and eye protection 
Toothbrush and paste, Cycling gear in a small bag to store at the team Pit Zone. Include riding layers for hot and cold conditions, gloves, shoes and all items you may need.  
Camp chair Race Food (bars, gels & sport drink)
Complete Change of Clothes, extra layers, extra shoes, winter coat and blanket for cold early mornings. Race Plate (NICA fee – $20 to replace if lost). Race plates handed out at first race on Friday prior to pre-ride. Every rider, and coach must have a plate to access course.
Gloves  Race jersey and shorts, cycling Shoes, riding gloves,
sunscreen and insect repellent Tube, portable tire pump, basic bike tools 

What will race day be like for racers?

  • Races fluctuate in length depending on the age and category placement of the rider. A typical lap is 4-6 miles and 600-800 vertical feet. Races are from 1 lap (grades 6, 7 & 8) to 4 laps (varsity boys), depending on rider placement. You can learn more at the Idaho League site here.

What will race day be like for spectators?

  • Race days consist of four waves featuring a total of at least 17 races. This provides a great opportunity for not only riders, but people interested in mountain biking who want to watch. It also provides a great need for coordination and volunteers.
  • Race-day volunteers: Both our team and the IICL need volunteers to help on race days. Our team needs begin early in the week to help coordinate ride-sharing and gear hauling and last into the evening on race days. We can use help in setting up the team camp, organizing and running Pit Zone, bike maintenance, food prepping and service and more. We’ll send our requests for volunteers prior to each race on Team Snap volunteers.
  • If you have questions about how to get involved, contact Amy Coleman our Volunteer Coordinator – volunteer@boisemtb.org.
  • With the Idaho League, the number of volunteer slots our team fills determines our teams PitZone tent placement and when we can get into the PitZone to set up – the more race volunteers we have the better it is for our team. For every six student athletes participating in a race, we must fill one volunteer position. If we take 100 athletes to a race, we’ll need 17 volunteers for the league.
  • You can sign up here – https://signup.com/group/726412818028

How will the team communicate with student-athletes and parents?

  • TeamSnap is our primary method of communication.  Please make sure you are signed in and have your notifications configured.
  • Please note: many race locations have no, or spotty, cell phone coverage. Many team leaders depart on Thursday and will be out of contact through the weekend.

Is carpooling an option?

  • The team will provide travel information. Student athletes will often carpool with other families. TeamSnap provides easy tools for parents to communicate and coordinate.

Do student-athletes need to leave school early on Friday for races?

  • Pre-ride at races are on the preceding Friday from 2:00 – 7:00 PM. Pre-rides are a critical component to being successful at races for safety, familiarity and comfort on race day.
  • For closer rides, like Jug Mountain, racers can leave school around lunch time to make the pre-ride. For longer races, like Grand Targhee, we recommend a one full day off. Remember, always give yourself enough time to find the race course and camping area.
  • All schools will be given a roster for each race.  Parents will still need to call in. Our team has club sport status and BBMTB related absences should be excused.

How do I sign up in NICA Pit Zone and pay for races?

  • Race signup is handled on https://pitzone.nationalmtb.org.
  • Deadline for discounted season passes was July 31.
  • Individual races cost $55 (HS)
  • Once registered in NICA Pit Zone, you may pay on-site for $10 late fee
  • Deadline for race signups is midnight Tuesday before each race.

Does the team all travel together to the out of town races?

  • While the team will communicate details and some riders will coordinate carpools, racers are responsible for their own transportation to races.

Are the events on Saturdays?

  • All races are on Saturdays and last all day.

Do you have lodging recommendations for parents?

  • Parents are welcome to camp with the team. Student Athletes are strongly encouraged to camp. However, some race locations do have lodging options.