On-site Update from GTR

It’s beautiful here at Grand Targhee Resort (GTR) and we are looking forward to you joining us tomorrow. Here are some updates for your arrival:

Pre Ride Friday at 5:00 PM

Friday night food

  • Reminder that you are responsible for your dinner on Friday. BBMTB will have Saturday breakfast and lunch for racers and coaches/ride leaders.
  • Trap Bar Grill will be closed, but the GTR Lodge will have a barbeque on the deck at the base of the chair lift.
  • Branding Iron will be open, but takes time to get food and is pricier.
  • Driggs has great Thai, with good service, but that’s all I’ve eaten there.


  • As you drive into GTR, you will be met by staff and be directed to day parking, lodging, camping in the field or to the large RV parking level.
  • Camping with the team is twenty ($20) per campsite. This covers 4-6 people for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I have not been able to work out a deal with GTR for advance payment.
  • If you arrive late, go to the GTR office to register.
  • If this is an added budget item that you are unable to handle or fuel to this race is a challenging expense, please submit through scholarship and we will refund. We want these races to be available to all!
  • Team camping location is in the first field. Look for silver Highlander with Silver T@B trailer.


  • Parents – red team tri blend shirts are available for $15
  • Second team store order ships tomorrow!
  • If you have requested an exchange of team gear, Please bring those items with you. We have enough to do most of the exchanges within the team.
  • All level 1 Ride Leaders get one red team tech shirt. Some of you still need one for this year.
  • Team socks are still available for $10


  • Lots and lots of waivers for GTR venue this weekend
  • Go to Idahomtb.org/race-series/ for waivers, maps and race flyer
  • You can sign these on-site as well. They will be collected at the team pit zone and then given to your Chief Registrar.

Mobile and Internet Service

  • Or no service at In-Field or race course
  • AT&T users are golden by lodges. Verizon not so much.
  • Internet is available only at lodge


  • Timeline can also be found under “media” tab in Team Snap

That’s all I can think of to assist you on your journey. Oh, don’t fret about the smoke filled air that you have to drive through. It’s clear in the mountains!

Be smart. Travel safe.

Coach Renée

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