Grand Targhee Race #2

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We are short on time this week, so let’s get right to it.

Online Registration Closes on the Tuesday (TONIGHT) Before Each Race

Online registration through the Pit Zone closes at midnight on the Tuesday prior to each race. All student athletes must be practice-ready in the Pit Zone to race and to pay for race fees onsite at any of the races. In addition, new for this year, pre-registered student-athletes will get priority staging for their race starts.

On-site registration for race fees only, must be completed at least 1 hour before your wave start and is only available during the following times:

12:00 PM – 7:00 PM Friday
7:00 AM – 1:15 PM Saturday

Please take advantage of the benefits of registering online. On-site registration can be a stressful experience for everyone and should be avoided whenever possible and there is a $20 late fee for onsite registration.

IICL Volunteers needed to get Race Pit Zone proper size and on time!
Grand Targhee Galena Jug Bogus
Needed 0 0 9 3
BBMTB Volunteers to set up camp and team Pit Zone
Grand Targhee Galena Jug Bogus
Needed 43 44 44 44


Grand Targhee – BBMTB will continue to provide Saturday Breakfast and Lunch for all riders and Coaches/Ride Leaders. You on on your own for Friday night dinner GTR Race Flyer –

Galena Buy tickets NOW ($12) for Friday night dinner! Excellent whole food dinner provided by Galena Lodge!     BBMTB to provide Saturday Breakfast and Lunch for all Coaches/Ride Leaders. Galena Race Flyer –

Camping & Waivers at Grand Targhee:

  • Reservation completed
  • Targhee Waiver
  • RV/Trailer Waiver
  • Camping Fee $20 – Your name will be placed on a list.
    • I am scrambling for a sponsor! I am trying to pay for the entire team – $1020

Grand Targhee Camping Details

Lodging and camping are available at Grand Targhee Resort. For resort lodging call the reservations department at 307-353-2300 and mention the Idaho Cycling League Race to receive a 20% discount. Camping is available at Grand Targhee Resort for a fee of $20/site (4-6 people) and this includes Thursday-Saturday nights.
Campers must check-in, pay and collect their camping pass at one of the following location upon arrival at GTR:
– Thursday – Lodging Check In (there will be a well noted sign)
– Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM – tent/table in parking area
– Friday evening – Lodging check-in desk in lobby (there will be a well noted sign)
Reservations and camping fees must be paid directly with Grand Targhee Resort.

BBMTB Racers – Please plan on camping with the team.

Additional lodging can be found in Driggs and Victor approximately 30 minutes from the venue and limited USFS camping is available in the
surrounding area.


There are no showers available for campers
All large trailers/RV’s must use lower gravel parking lot (shown on map) and a RV Parking Form will be required. You can print one out and bring it with you by clicking HERE, of you can fill one out onsite when you check-in.
No fires, or charcoal grills allowed at venue—GAS STOVES ALLOWED IN CAMPING AREA

Teams must remove all garbage from Pit Zone and camping areas whether or not a dumpster is onsite.

ATTENTION COACHES: If you are looking to pre-pay for your team’s camping, Grand Targhee is able to accept pre-payment for camping. Kelsey Harkey, Guest Service Manager, is able to assist you with pre-payment for camping and can be reached at 307-353-2300.
They will need a list of names for check-in.


THU Mostly Sunny 73°43° 20% SW 7 mph 31%
FRI Mostly Sunny 72°45° 0% SW 8 mph 36%
SAT AM Thunderstorms 69°38° 40% SW 13 mph 36%
SUN Sunny 68°37° 0% SW 9 mph 32%


Race #2 – Read the Race Flyer for all Details


Race #1 Flyer

Please take the time to plan accordingly and get up to speed on all the details for each race weekend. All the information you need to know can be found within the race flyers and as changes are made, these flyers will be updated. So check back often to make you sure have the most recent details, schedule, etc. for each race.

Race flyers and links to venue maps can be found HERE

Pay special attention to parking restrictions and traffic flow for entering/exiting the venue.


Rules Clarifications for Non-Racers on Course

SpectatorSign 003

Our first race at Magic Mountain was a HUGE success. We saw a big increase in the number of racers and along with those additional racers came a ton of coaches, parents, siblings and spectators. For the most part everyone followed the rules and we didn’t have any incidents on course, however there were a few close calls. With the focus on racer safety and providing a fair “playing field” for all racers, the IICL rules committee has approved clarification on the wording in the NICA rules related to non-racers on course.

NICA Rule 9.1 Reads:
Only student-athletes entered for competition in the event and their team coaches may ride the designated race course at times when no race is currently taking place. An event is taking place at all times after the start of a race until the time the last rider in that race finishes. No coach is permitted to ride the course during an event.

Due to the above mentioned safety concerns with coaches, spectators and student-athletes being on course at the same time as our racers, the IICL has approved the following definitions to clarify rule 9.1 above.

“Course” – Any trail, road or any other area specifically marked as part of the route used for our event. Adjacent trails, roads, etc. that are not part of the course can be used to access the “sidelines” of our course for the purpose of spectating or coaching.
“Event” – From the start of the first wave until the sweep clears the course after the last wave is on course at the end of the day.

So what does this mean for you?

1) At no time should anyone cross the course in the infield area. The only permissible way to cross the course throughout the infield area is via designated course crossings. Regardless of where on course you are, there is no crossing through course tape and/or over fencing.
2) Once the races start in the morning, and until they conclude at the end of the day (indicated by the final sweep clearing the course), rule 9.1 is in effect.

3) Any marked trails, roads, etc. that are being used as part of the race course cannot be used by anyone other than racers or race officials. If you wish to get out on course to spectate and/or coach, you must use other trails and roads that are not part of the live race course.
4) If you are outside of the infield area and need to cross a trail or road being used as the course, you may do so only when it is safe and there is no racer traffic and as long as you don’t cross over any course tape of fencing.

We understand the enforcement of this rule may cause an inconvenience for some spectators/coaches. However, our priority is to provide a safe and fair course for the racers and the strict enforcement of this rule and these IICL approved definitions will help us in doing so. In addition, at certain venues, we will look at providing short windows of time when coaches and spectators can use specific sections of the course.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this rule.






























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