Important Magic Update

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s 5:30 AM, 54 degrees and a little smoke has moved in after a clear week at Magic Mountain. I do have some blue sky above me, but am at the top of Petit Mountain to send this message. We will hope that the smoke moves out. Speaking of moving out, we have seen several moose in the area. Please be aware!

Lets get right to logistics of our campground…..

We may not have a Campground Coordinator to greet you, so please read this thoroughly:

  1. As always, Tents and Food RV set-up take priority in our space over parked cars and RV’s
  2. We are sharing last year’s camping area with our friends from Magic Valley. We are based in the lower area from last year. Tad was the one to tell us about the location last year, so we are grateful and happy to have him with us this year. You can meet Tad at dinner Friday night at 7:00 PM (like that cue? 7 PM 😉
  3. We will use a drop off procedure to get gear and people into the sleeping area and then park in the periphery.
  4. When driving into the camping are please stay to the right of the fork. This will allow for less bottle necks.
  5. Our camping is across from the Shuttle Stop (with Porta Potties) to get to the Race Pit Zone.
  6. There are 5-6 RV spaces at the entry to to out camping area (half moon drive through)
  7. Bring water and chairs (no water in area)
  8. Info boards can be found at kitchen area (now) and team pit zone (after 2:30 today)
  9. Please check out the map for best area for your set-up and parking.

Magic Camping Area.png

My alarm just went off, so I’m off to my IICL meeting. You can find me all weekend at the Registration tent. We are all extremely excited for this weekend and wish everyone safe travels.


BBMTB Team Director

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