Race #1 – Magic Mania

Magic Mania 2017! A race to remember for sure! Extreme weather became a factor for the ladies race in the afternoon. Video was dedicated to the ladies who endured cold and rainy weather and still came in smiling.

How fun was that Video!

Thank you Ray Anderson for that incredible video! We are excited to get the race season started at Magic Mountain (24-25 August 2018). This is a very fun venue with great beautiful camping in the trees. Our camping map is below.

***Water access will be limited this year as the well we have used in the past has been contaminated. We ask everyone to help the team and pack 3-6 gallons of drinking water.

Forecast as of today (17 August 2018):



AUG 23

Mostly Sunny 78° / 50° 0% WSW 8 mph 28%


AUG 24

Sunny 76° /48° 0% W 10 mph 28%


AUG 25

Sunny 73° /46° 0% W 9 mph 31%


AUG 26

Sunny 74° /47° 0% W 9 mph 28%

Sunrise / Sunset Times

FRI 24 Aug SAT 25 Aug SUN 26 Aug
First Light First Light First Light
6:25 AM 6:26 AM 6:28 AM
Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise
6:55 AM 6:56 AM 6:57 AM
Sunset Sunset Sunset
8:24 PM 8:23 PM 8:21 PM
Last Light Last Light Last Light
8:54 PM 8:52 PM 8:50 PM

More Details for Race #1 Magic weekend:

  • Race Flyer – Viewing the race flyer before you leave town is a MUST do and it’s always found HERE, and http://www.idahomtb.org/race-series/
    • Girls race start at 9:00 AM; Girls breakfast at 6 AM
    • Print flyer prior to leaving for race as times and scheduling are subject to change!
  • No Internet or Phone Service at this venue! Emergency calls can be made from Magic Mountain Lodge and the top of Petit Mountain.
  • Additional GEAR again – Be prepared and pack extra for this weekend.
    • We continue to message that appropriate clothing and gear will make this event a truly fun and enjoyable experience! Pack extra and decide what to wear when you get there.
    • Team Jersey required for Awards and podium.
    • Have warm dry clothes in the BBMTB Pit Zone to change into after your race.
    • Make sure you have water packed for weekend! Water is in area, but not confirmed.
  • VOLUNTEERS are always critical to the team’s success.
    • If you are a parent and have not volunteered yet this season, this is definitely the time to do so.
    • Race venue will be ten minutes from camping and NO Internet or phone service, we will once again need your extra attention for support.
  • Sign-up for BBMTB Team Volunteer positions HERE
  • Volunteer for Idaho League Race Operations HERE
    • We need fifteen (15) volunteers per race!
    • Penalty of a smaller Pit Zone far, far away if we don’t meet our quota.
    • Take the time to sign up for the rest of the races, before your dream volunteer position gets taken!
  • Bikes
    • Bikes and any large gear will be left in the BBMTB Team Pit Zone on Friday night.
    • 25′ Cable locks, tarp over bikes and security for gear will be provided.
  • Food
    • Friday night dinner will be provided by the team in Diamondfield Jack campground at 7:00 PM
    • Pre-race pasta dinner with Anne’s famous spaghetti sauce. (GF/DF/VEG options available)
    • All team members and family members are welcome. No charge.
  • Camping
    • Diamondfield Jack Campground – look for BBMTB signage
    • RV’s are welcome, please share if you have extra space or amenities.
    • Look for Team banner on a 10 x 10 tent and “BBMTB” signs
    • Plan to stake your tent. Winds gusts to 21 mph expected.
    • Driving Time – 3 h 5 min (163 miles) via I-84 E

Overall Magic venue.png

Once again, we will do our best to get this location on Thursday evening. Please watch your alerts for any changes.

Magic Camping Area.png

  • Logistics

    • As you drive into the venue on Friday. Please drop your racer/s off at Magic Lodge for pre-ride if you are running late, and then continue to campground for set-up. You will cross the race course twice, please look for riders and follow directions from Course Marshals managing crossings.
    • Saturday morning – If you are staying at a hotel or in Twin Falls, 60 mins away, please park near our campsite in the main parking area and take the shuttle over to the race area.
    • Our camping area is across from the shuttle stop.
    • Girls race starts at 9:00 AM and all other racers should be in the Pit Zone at this time supporting their teammates, eating breakfast, getting their bikes to the team mechanic for a run through and preparing for warm-up.
    • All student-athletes that are racing are required to have their bikes checked over by one of the team mechanics on Saturday morning prior to their race start.


  • Once again, we advise that everyone set up in their team Pit Zone on Friday and leave all large equipment and bikes in the Pit Zone. IICL staff will be camping overnight at this location for security.
  • Shuttles will be available from Diamondfield Jack parking area.

As always, Boise Braves MTB are grateful for our Team Sponsors!

2018 BBMTB BSC Sponsors

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