Full Team Meeting Tonight

We are looking forward to seeing parents tonight at Military Reserve at 8:00-9:00PM! This our last full team meeting prior to our first race. We would like to complete our “housekeeping” as efficiently as possible to make sure everyone is ready to have fun and so their best at the race next weekend.

  1. Boise High School Forms – For all 9th through 12th grades. BBMTB needs a copy (digital is great) of these forms to keep on file. Please make sure forms are completely filled out and are legible. BHS will not let you race without them on file. Boise Schools Medical Release and Waiver (https://boisemtb.org/forms/)
    1. Head Coach Andrew needs to verify these with the Athletic Director on Wednesday morning.
  2. NICA Pit Zone – Reminder that everyone must be “Practice Ready” to attend practices and “Race Ready” to race. Coaches/Ride Leaders must have a checkmark next to their name before we can give you a Coaches Plate to ride with the team on the race course.
  3. Team Apparel – If you are exchanging a piece of clothing, tonight is the time to bring your apparel exchange. To save you extra costs, we will be exchanging sizes among the team. We can collect clothing before practice and place it in the team trailer. Do not worry about having to ride through practice with it. We will have all BBMTB merchandise available at the team meeting for pick-up and new purchases.
  4. Volunteers – Please be ready to take part in our fun race weekends. It takes everyone’s efforts to make this program successful. It’s also really fun to take part!
  5. Snacks and Chairs – Your student-athlete is going to work hard at practice tonight, please bring a snack and something to drink to get them through the meeting. We will be meeting in the grass. Bring a chair or a pillow if you are not comfortable sitting on the ground.
  6. Time – We understand how valuable everyone’s time is. We work hard to be clear, concise and efficient and will do our best to keep this meeting to 60 minutes. Time for Coaches will be extremely tight starting Tuesday to get ready for our first weekend away, so please support your Team Director and Coaches by making sure you get registered completely and the proper forms in on time (send to – renee@boisemtb.org)

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun race season! Can’t wait to see you tonight!



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