Magic Race Flyer & IICL Volunteers


Do you have a favorite volunteer position at IICL races? Go to to sign up.

BBMTB requires 16 volunteers for the new ratio.

Wanted to give you a heads-up that we posted the race flyer for Magic on the IICL website yesterday at this page (  Please be aware that we are using a new race flyer/guide format this season and that there may be some changes/corrections made as this is reviewed by everyone.  That being the case, please be sure to send out the link to your teams and not a downloaded copy of the flyer.  Additional flyers will be posted over the next couple of weeks.

Also, we have the 2018 volunteer sign-up page ready to go.  You can also find that link on the same IICL webpage above.  Please remember that Pit Zone access times for site selection and set up will be based on the number of volunteers each team provides against the requirement of 1 volunteer for every 5 registered student-athletes.  Pit Zone sizes will still be based on total number of registered racers.  I’ve attached a sample of the report we will create before each race to track this and assign time slots accordingly.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Eddie Freyer

League Director

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