2018 Bike Skills Camp

BBMTB Bike Skills Camp (BSC)  –  22-24 June 2018

2017 BSC Lake Ride.png


  • Registration Form HERE
  • Fee – $75 (waived for DDS participants)
    • What are your paying for? Food, Insurance & Venue Fee
    • Check your Team Snap Tracking to see what has been paid for.
    • BSC Payment HERE
  • Volunteer HERE
  • BSC Waiver HERE

Location Map HERE

Jug Mountain Resort, 13834 Farm To Market Rd, McCall, Idaho
InkedJMR Travel Map_LI

Travel Logistics

Carpooling is encouraged.  Need a Ride? Have extra Space? Use Team Snap to communicate extra seats and/or extra space for bikes.
  • Carpooling caravan will meet at World Cycles parking lot at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Friday, 22 June 2018.
  • NEW – The venue is requiring vehicles to stay in the campground through the entire weekend due to crossing the #1 golf tee. If you need to leave during the weekend you will need to park in the clubhouse parking lot. (as of 18 June 2018)
Bike Camp Skills Schedule:
*Need to know more details? Go to TS Media/ BSC folder/ 2018 BSC Run Sheet
Adult Skills Session at Healthwise (18.00) & final prep meeting at Lulu’s (19.30)
Pack and prepare your gear. It really pays off to prepare in advance, keep travel gear in one place, look through the checklist early, and create a travel routine.
12:00 pm Meet at World Cycles to carpool. Departure time 12:30
(drive time from World Cycles is 2 hours 17 minutes)
3:00 pm Sign-in and get Camp set-up
4:00 pm Team Introductions. Trail ride.
7:00 pm Dinner
Early to bed – BIG day on Saturday
Full day of skills, trail riding, team activities and lots of good food.
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Be ready to ride
1:00 Family Lunch and BBQ – all family members invited
3:00 Departure
Extra Schedule Details
  • Core Operations team will be arriving at Jug Mountain Ranch Thursday night through Friday morning for early set-up.
    • We welcome early arrivals anytime, but we may be out riding, so please call 208.870.5093
  • Check-in and parking instruction starts 3 PM Friday
  • Trailers allowed under 20 ft (notate in TS notes or REG form)
  • Team Trailer will be unavailable and in motion after 2:00 PM on Thursday.
  • Student-Athlete arrival starts at 3:00 PM Friday and we will be prepared for arrivals till 6:45 PM (just in time for dinner). Those arriving at 3:00PM, will ride at 4:00PM.
  • As you’re packing, please reference the packing list.
  • Directions and links to maps are below.
    • Signage at venue will lead you straight into BBMTB Center Camp.

2017 BSC Elkhorn Trail Ride.png

What to Bring

  • Bike in proper working order:
    • Derailleur adjusted & shifting smoothly; brakes adjusted and not rubbing; wheels true & tires in good condition.
    • Any mechanical problems should be taken care of before arriving to Camp. 
    • **World Cycles offers free safety bike checks for our team. ***
      • You will be given a sticker to show that your bike is safe to ride.
      • Please schedule your tune-ups and bike checks. The shop is busy too and need to schedule you in for the best quality service.
  • Tube, Pump, Basic Tools
  • Helmet, Cycling Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Cycling clothes (for hot, cold and possible rainy conditions)
  • Camel Back/Water Bottle (please bring full for Friday activities)
  • Complete Change of Clothes for three (3) days, extra layers, towel and a blanket for early mornings.
    • Many like to bring a winter jacket for the chilly mornings.
    • A rain shell (just in case)
  • Sunscreen SPF & Bug Spray
  • Plastic or Mesh Bag (for wet dirty cycling clothes)
  • Camping Gear – Tent, Thermarest or equivalent (super important for good sleep), cold weather sleeping bag, camp chairs, head lamp/portable light.
    • Please reach out to Team Leaders if you do not have the required gear. We have extra!
  • Event Gear Still Required for Center Camp

    We will need extra pop up tents to run skills camp this year. We are in a new camping location with less trees. If you have any to lend, please contact Coach Bob
    • Extra Pop-up Tents

JMR Summer Trail Map.png

Haven’t signed up yet? Volunteer HERE

  • ***Carpool Coordinator***
  • Ride Leaders
  • Grill Masters and pancake flippers
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Camp monitor (hang out at camp during team rides)
  • Water Coordinator (early morning water refill at clubhouse)
  • find more roles on SignUp.com

Weather (as of 17 June at 6 am)

BSC 2018 Weather

Remember we are in the mountains and a rain shower could come through camp anytime, but we couldn’t ask for more perfect weather for riding than this!! Hero dirt!

Are you still reading? You are awesome!!

THIS WEEK: Final Prep Day

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 

  • 6:00 PM at Healthwise Parking Lot
    • Coaches, Ride Leaders and those wanting to learn bike skills to be able to ride with the team in the future.
  • 7:30 PM at Lulu’s Pizza
    • Final meeting for BSC
    • Carpooling, Camp Logistics, Team Gear, etc.

Still have questions or suggestions? Contact a Team Leader or come to the last planning meeting.

We are looking forward to another fantastic weekend of riding bikes and spending time with the team!! 

Coach Renee

MTBer climbing.png


One thought on “2018 Bike Skills Camp”

  1. Just in from JMR: The venue is requiring vehicles to stay in the campground through the entire weekend due to crossing the #1 golf tee. If you need to leave during the weekend you will need to park in the clubhouse parking lot. (as of 18 June 2018)

    Access Kiosk – 3-6 pm Friday and 12-3 pm Sunday
    – exceptions can be made with scheduling


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