DDS, BBMTB Time Trial & BSC

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Desert Dirt Shredfest

Happy Friday! Today is the last day for our fundraising through Desert Dirt Shredfest. I hope you had fun riding in the desert. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to financially support our program.

  • If you still have donations to turn in, please do so this over the weekend or at the latest at Hill Climb sign-in table. Mail or drop off donations to Team Director (see Team Snap message for address)

BBMTB Hill Climb

Are you excited to ride? Wednesday, 13 June at 5;30 PM, we are looking forward to seeing everyone get together for our annual preseason hill climb. Meet at Military Reserve for team Check-in. This event is a snapshot of preseason fitness and assists Coaches to assign ride groups at Bike Skills Camp. Results will only be disclosed to individuals at Bike Skills Camp and not posted publicly.  We will have a follow-up hill climb mid-season to see individual improvements.

  • Parents please VOLUNTEER on Team Snap under this event in the “Schedule”.
  • Team Snap “Availability”. Please use this feature so we can have proper Coach:Student-Athlete ratios.
  • Details for event can be found on Team Snap Media Folder HERE .
  • All student-athletes must have a DDS2018 sticker on their bike showing that the bike has passed safety inspection. You can still get this completed at World Cycles. Please call ahead to schedule.

2018 Hill Climb.png

BBMTB Bike Skills Camp

22-24 June 2018 at Jug Mountain Ranch, McCall

  • $75 per Student-Athlete (waived for DDS Fundraising participants)
  • Register through Google form HERE
  • High School Student-Athletes (9th and above) need to provide Boise School District waiver and medical release form at registration tent at camp.
  • All participating adults (over 18) MUST have a BACKGROUND CHECK
    • This is completed through NICA Pit Zone
      • Only needed once. Prior year volunteers do not require this.
      • $25 fee – scholarships available
      • Once you sign up to volunteer, an invite will be sent to you or request one through Team Director
  • Food and Beverages provided by team throughout the weekend
  • We are camping in a beautiful meadow this year (new location)
  • Entire families welcome on Sunday at 1:00 PM for lunch social – no fee

More details this weekend to be provided in the Team Snap Media Folder (camping packing lists).

Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great weekend.

Coach Renee

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