BBMTB Team Store Open

BBMTB Team Store Banner

I want to thank everyone for their patience while we worked diligently on offering more accessories this year. You will find your jersey and shorts on the site with new items this year (arm, knee and leg warmers, cap, wind and thermal vests and a thermal jacket). We are very excited about the thermal jacket and extras to keep us warm on chilly race mornings.

What you need to know:

  • Go to Team Snap for your link and $90 coupon.
  • You must have paid your team dues to use the coupon.
  • Team Store is open to all Student-Athletes, Coaches, Ride Leaders and parents.
  • Last years jersey will qualify for this years NICA races. If it fits, you can the spend the extra money on other items. Feel free to trade last year’s jerseys amongst the team if it no longer fits.
  • Black riding shorts are required, but we give you the freedom to find the most comfortable fit. You may purchase the team shorts or go out and buy other black riding shorts.
  • Once we close the store (June 10, 2018), one shipment will go to the team director and we will distribute apparel to the team all together and schedule a team photo.

Questions? Comments? Someone else probably has the same question. Start a post on Team Snap or give your Team Director a call and we will get you answers.


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