Race #5 Update*

*If you do not find answers to your questions below, please forward any further  questions to the BBMTB Team Director. Thank you.

** BBMTB will continue with the regular practice schedule through the weekend if the race is cancelled.

From your IICL Race Director:

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on the weather forecast for the race this weekend at Bogus Basin.   I’ve spent a lot of time today pouring over various websites, talking with league leadership, NICA national and our partners up at Bogus Basin regarding the forecast for Friday and Saturday.  As of right now, it’s not looking good and we are evaluating the need to cancel.  There is a high chance of snow accumulation of 2”-4” between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  In addition, the temperature on Saturday is forecast for a high of 34° with a wind chill of only 10°-20° throughout the day.  These conditions are far outside of what is considered safe for a NICA event.  We will assess all resources tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon to check for improvement in the forecast which may allow for us to proceed with the event.  Any updates and/or decisions will be communicated at that time (Wednesday – Noon).

I realize that in situations like this there will be a lot of questions.  We will do our best to proactively communicate information to address most of the questions your teams may have, and will consolidate answers to common questions in subsequent team director emails.

Please understand that our decision making process will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Safety of all riders, coaches, spectators, volunteers and staff
  2. Preservation of trails and other areas of our venues
  3. Financial Impact on the IICL and participants including travel time/expense
  4. Impact on series points and team standings
  • Chance of a cancellation due to weather and what is the IICL policy with regard to adverse weather conditions?
    • As of right now this is a high probability.  We will give it as much time as we can for the forecast to improve but also keeping in mind that everyone needs to make plans, cancel reservations, etc.  An update will be sent tomorrow and based on the forecast we will either communicate our deadline for a decision or make the decision at that time to cancel the race.
  • Will there be a rescheduled race?
    • No.  The long-range forecast is showing continued probability of snow/cold temps through next weekend.  Looking to reschedule beyond then presents to high of a risk as winter approaches.  In addition, the availability of venues is restricted.
  • Can we relocate to another venue?
    • No. As of right now we do not have another venue in a location that would not be impacted by this weather that has already been certified as a NICA venue (this is a lengthy process and required by our insurance carrier).
  • What happens with regard to the season points for both individuals and teams and how will we handle the awards for a cancelled state championship race?
    • The season will become a best 3 out of 4 series with the worst points value race being dropped to determine the individual series results.  No state championship bonus points will apply and the “all race” 25-point bonus will be awarded for those racers who completed races 1-4
    • Team points will be based on the totals from races 1-4, no drops and no bonuses factored in
    • Awards will be mailed to team directors for all riders on their teams who earned a series podium spot as well as overall team awards
    • A 2017 awards recognition ceremony will be held at race #1 of the 2018 season
  • Will there be refunds for race fees
    • Per the IICL Refund/Transfer Policy refunds are not provided for a cancelled race.  We understand that not everyone agrees with this policy.  However we ask that you help communicate the reasons why.  – The IICL is a non-profit organization that runs on a limited annual budget
  • We have already accrued many expenses for this event and cannot recoup those in the event of a cancellation.
  • Providing refunds will have a long-term negative financial impact on our league

If the lack of a refund presents a financial hardship on a particular family, please have them reach out to me directly and we can discuss what options may be available.

We will keep the Pit Zone open at least until tomorrow night (Wednesday) at midnight to give us more time to make a decision on the event.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.  This is a very difficult decision to make and especially with all the hard work each and every student-athlete, coach, parent, volunteer and core-staff member have put into this season.  It’s our hope that the forecast improves and that we will be able to see everyone this weekend for the conclusion of our 2017 season.

Eddie Freyer
League Director
Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League

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