Race #5 – Bogus Boss

It is with a heavy heart that I send out this information with the knowledge that we have a 70% change of the race being cancelled due to snow and cold temperatures. The BBMTB Core Team is preparing for all possibilities and in communication with the Race Director.

Further information about possible cancellation will be sent out shortly. The next communication will answer all of your cancellation questions.

Below are the basics for the weekend in case we get the green light.

Bogus Basin Forecast:

Bogus 5 weather

Needless to say, appropriate clothing and gear will make this event a truly fun and enjoyable experience! Pack winter clothing extras and decide what to wear when you get there.

Here are the Details for this weekend :

  • Race Flyer – Viewing the race flyer before you leave town is a MUST do and it’s always found HERE, and http://www.idahomtb.org/race-series/
    • Girls start at 9:00 AM
  • Additional GEAR again – Be prepared and pack extra for this weekend.
    • Riding in possible rain on Saturday, Race Day. Have a rain jacket and extra layers to choose from. Have warm dry clothes in the BBMTB Pit Zone to change into after your race.
    • Make sure you have water packed for weekend! Water is in area, but not confirmed that it is potable in camping area.
  • VOLUNTEERS are always critical to the team’s success.
    • If you are a parent and have not volunteered yet this season, this is definitely the time to do so.
    • Race venue will be ten minutes from camping and NO Internet or phone service, we will once again need your extra attention for support.
  • Sign-up for BBMTB Team Volunteer positions HERE

  • Volunteer for Idaho League Race Operations HERE
  • Bikes
    • Bikes and any large gear will be left in the BBMTB Team Pit Zone Friday night.
    • Cable locks, tarp and security for gear will be provided.
  •  Food
    • Friday night dinner is Potluck at the BBMTB campground at 6:30 PM
    • All team members and family members  are welcome.
  •  Camping
    • RV’s are welcome, please share if you have extra space or amenities.
    • Look for Team banner on a 10 x 10 tent and “BBMTB” signs
    • At this time, we suggest you sleep at home if you do not have appropriate gear for these temperatures.
    • Bogus Boss parking
  • Film Festival – CANCELLED
    • With the colder temperatures, we want everyone to stay as warm as possible and will cancel this outdoor event.
    • We expect many to sleep at home this weekend and will save the videos for our End of Season Party.
  • Team Shuttles
    • Shuttles will be available from BBMTB Pit Zone and camping area.
    • Team Coaches will Coordinate with Team Shuttle Drivers
  • IICL


  • As always, we are grateful for our Team Sponsors!

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