Race #3 – Galena Gallop

We are mid-race season and looking forward to another great race closer to home. We will be racing this Saturday at Galena Lodge, north of Sun Valley. Fabulous trails, views and excellent food.

Fall weather weather is here and will see some precipitation and colder temperatures. Be prepared!! If you or your family does not have the appropriate gear, please, PLEASE reach out to a coach or use Team Snap “Chat” to ask for specific items. Most families have extra gear just sitting in the garage waiting to get used. Appropriate clothing and gear will make this event a truly fun and enjoyable experience!

Here are the Details for this weekend :

Extra comfort & less stress guaranteed if you read all the way through!

  • Race Flyer – always found HERE, http://www.idahomtb.org/race-series/
  • No Internet or Phone Service at this venue! Emergency calls can be made from Galena Lodge.
  • Weather conditions and webcams – http://sawtoothguides.com/weather-conditions/

SV Weather 2017

  • Additional GEAR added to checklist – Be prepared and pack extra for this weekend.
    • Riding in the rain on Friday 5:00 PM Pre-Ride. Ride with a rain jacket and extra layers. Have warm dry clothes in the BBMTB Pit Zone to change into before dinner.
    • Bring and “use” thermal underwear (2-Fri & Sat), breathable jacket, rain gear, puffy coats, extra blankets.
    • Make sure you have water packed for weekend! We are dry camping and have limited access in race area.
    • First wave will be allowed to wear extra clothing and a jacket as long as your BBMTB Team Jersey is somewhere showing in those layers! And maybe 2nd wave.
  • VOLUNTEERS are always critical, but extra critical this weekend.
    • If you are a parent and have not volunteered yet this season, this is the time.
    • Due to logistics that further separate the camping and race area with NO Internet or phone service, we need your extra attention for support.
      • Additional Vounteer Spots:
        • 3 Team shuttle drivers (guaranteeing that our ladies have no stress getting to warm-up and get to the race on Saturday)
        • Clothing keepers to help the racers & coaches prior to race starts in staging.
        • Finish line – Coaches will “catch”, but they need support just outside the finish chute (rack bikes, give out wet wipes for faces, etc)
  • Sign-up for BBMTB Team Volunteer positions HERE

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

  • Volunteer for Idaho League Race Operations HERE
    • We are required to provide twelve (12) volunteers from our team throughout the weekend.
  • Bikes
    • Bikes and any large gear will be left in the BBMTB Team Pit Zone Friday night. BBMTB & the Idaho League do not have the capacity to transport bikes on Saturday morning or manage the drop-offs.
    • Please plan to cover at least your saddle/bike seat for the night. Cable locks and security for gear will be provided. BBMTB Team Director will sleep next to the bikes as well. Extra warm hugs in the morning are appreciated 😉
  •  Food
    • Friday night dinner is “On Your Own”
    • Galena Lodge serves excellent food, pasta dinner 6:00-8:00 PM Friday and throughout the weekend. We have 10 extra donated pasta feed tickets. Limited tickets for dinner can be purchased on-site.
  •  Camping
    • RV’s are welcome, please share if you have extra space or amenities.
    • Look for Team Trailer on East side of road at Prairie Creek


We will do our best to get this location. Please watch your alerts for any changes.


  • Logistics
    • As you drive into the valley on Friday. Please drop your racer/s off at Galena Lodge for pre-ride, and then go back to campground for set-up and take a shuttle up for dinner.
    • Saturday morning – If you are staying at a hotel or in Ketchum, please park at our campsite and take the shuttle up to the race area. There are 60 spaces for 2000 attendees. Please see below for shuttles.
  •  Shuttles
    • The Idaho League is providing shuttles throughout the weekend as well as our three (3) BBMTB Team shuttles for the morning of the race.
    • Shuttles: Friday 12:00 – 9:30 PM & Saturday 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM
    • Complimenting these shuttles will be our own team shuttles to guarantee our racers make warm-up and races on time. There is “no parking” next to Galena Lodge. Galena Lodge driveway loop will be reserved for IICL Shuttle buses and handicapped parking. Our team shuttles will have to unload across the street with everyone walking in from there.
    • 2×50-passenger buses and a box truck will be running back/forth between Galena Lodge and the 2 shuttle stop locations identified on the map (HERE) The shuttle stop locations will be marked with Idaho League Flags.
    • Saturday –  The box truck will also be at Russian John at 6:30 AM and will run back/forth to Galena until 11:00 AM.FAQ 
      • Will the buses pick up at other locations?
        • No
      • Will there be a specific shuttle schedule?
        • No. Shuttle will be running according to the details above, but will be subject to travel time and loading/unloading time at each stop.
      • Should coaches drive up and park, or take the shuttle?
        • We would prefer that as many people as possible use the shuttles.  They will start running at 6:30 AM on Saturday.
      • Can we use our own cars to shuttle people/equipment?
        • Yes, but you will need to drop off in the parking area on the west side of highway 75 and walk over to Galena.  If this lot is already full, you will need to drive back down valley and park at Prairie Creek or Russian John  and then catch the shuttle back up to Galena.


      • As communicated in the past, we advise that everyone set up PZ on Friday and leave all equipment in the PZ.  IICL staff will be camping overnight at this location for security.  Trying to bring equipment up to Galena on Saturday morning will slow down the entire shuttle system and there is no guarantee that ICCL shuttles/truck will get you to the venue in time for the race start and races will start according to the published start time. Back-up will be our Team shuttles.
      • Please follow all posted rules regarding this venue.  Our USFS permit was issued with certain stipulations requiring the implementation of these rules.  Violation of the rules will jeopardize our ability to obtain a permit in the future.
  • Cancellation Policy – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/idaho-league-weather-and-air-quality-protocol.pdf
  • Races are held on their scheduled dates unless the race course on the day of the race is deemed unrideable and dangerous.

Grateful for our Team Sponsors!

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