Race #2: Get Ready for Grand Targhee

What an exciting and fantastic week we have had! Our first race was huge success, we worked hard with high intensity at Monday’s practice and last night, the new Idaho League Director, Eddie Fryer joined us for practice!

Eddie & Team

As we head into Labor Day Weekend (no official practice on Saturday), we want to make sure you meet the deadlines to maximize your race experience at Grand Targhee Resort (GTR), 8-9 September 2017.

  1. Race registration closes Tuesday night – https://pitzone.nationalmtb.org
    1. Be aware…All on-site late registration racers get lined up at the back of the pack, since line-ups are completed prior to race weekend.
    2. Team Roster to be sent to school’s will only list pre-registered racers.
    3. Parents will still need to contact school for Friday absence.
  2. Remember to pack your RACE PLATE and BIB
  3. Travel
    1. Late arrivals and early departures should be communicated on Team Snap “Notes” or with your flight Coach.
    2. Please, please, please, do not be deterred by the distance to the venue or your parents work schedule. Talk to your Coaches or use Team Snap Chat! We have plenty of families with open seats, who are more than willing to carpool.
    3. Scholarships available to assist and ease the cost of traveling! Please ask. Contact director@boisemtb.org
  4. Food
    1. Friday night dinner is “On Your Own”. Local GTR Restaurants HERE
    2. Saturday – Breakfast Burritos & Lunch provided for Racers & Coaches
  5. Camping & RV’s & Lodging
    1. Camping is free of charge in a beautiful meadow below the Start/Finish area.
    2. Larger RVs and trailers will be allowed to park/camp in the lower parking lot on a first-come, first-served basis.
    3. Lodging -​ Limited rooms are available at Grand Targhee Resort. Please call in advance to check for availability and to make reservations. Other hotels are available in Driggs, ID approximately 20 minutes away.
  6. Extra venue waiver required
    1. Half of the team has already signed this Grand Targhee waiver. We will have some printed on-site or waivers can be found HERE
  7. Temperatures
    1. Sunny, low 40’s at night to mid-70’s in the afternoon, light winds with no precipitation at this time. Perfect!!
    2. Boys race first at 8:00 AM. Be prepared with extra gear to stay warm. You can hand off clothing to coaches 5-10 minutes prior to start from the staging area.
    3. Everyone, bring your warm gear to be prepared for this amazing mountain venue Saturday morning!
  8. Pre-Ride open from 2:00 to 7:00 PM on Friday and 6:30-7:30 AM on Saturday
  9. Bike Maintenance
    1. Please make sure your bike is ready to race. It is probably ready for a full tune-up. Have you checked your chain lately?
    2. If you are traveling with your bike on top of the car, make sure you travel with a cleaning rag and leave time to clean your bike on-site. It will be full of bugs!
  10. More race information and maps can be found HERE


image (2) - Copy.png

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