Race #1: Jug Jamboree Race Report

The Boise Braves MTB had an incredible first race at Jug Mountain Resort. Smiles could be seen by all, on the race course and throughout the day. It was a positive atmosphere and great to see teammates supporting one another. Each and every racer had a personal achievement on race day and we are very proud!

The focus for the team this year was to build a quality coaching staff to support the growing team, and to expand our female riding team. We have been extremely successful on both accounts with 15 Coaches, 26 Ride Leaders and our High School team is 41% female. This allows us to have a well balanced team this year as we move into Division I racing.

Start race 1

Race #1 – Jug Jamboree:

Varsity: Huge accolades to our impressive first place female and male Varsity winners:

Shelby Galinat – 1st and James Roloff – 1st.

Junior Varsity Girls had a strong showing with all the girls placing in the top eight: Camden Mullens – 3rd,     Anna Gussner – 4th, Lily Scarrow – 5th, Sofi Serio – 7th & Carly Werdel – 8th

Junior Varsity Boys: Alek Konkel 4th, Bodie Brownlee 11th, Ethan Maury, Mitch Dyer, Gabe Paquette & Lucas Barton in a wave of 59 riders. Great racing!

Sophomore Girls: Emma Patek – 3rd & Marrisa Shaltz – 4th

Freshman racers had major personal achievements as they make that transition into High School racing!

Freshman Girls: Kloe Pfanmuller – 2nd, Hope Strohmeyer – 8th, Amelie Bradley – 9th, Teagan Boggess – 10th, Riley Taylor – 12th and Ava Steckel – 18th

Freshman Boys: Cooper Wiley – 14th, Oliver Anderson – 15th, Danial Miller – 19th, with Reid Konkel, Conner Peterman, James Faull, Aiden Neeser, Anders Covey, Caden Boyd, Byron Jordan, Kade Bolen, Tavish LaMontagne and Kai Chandler-Younce having great races

Middle School racers, all 212 of them, had a special Prologue. This time trial will allow for appropriate staging and race groups at the next race. A high percentage of our Middle School riders were new to Mountain biking this year. We are so proud of their accomplishments and saw tears of joy from parents as they watched their racers come through the finish line.

MS Girls: Nekane Powell – 10th, Amelia Scarrow – 14th with Ashlynn Neeser and Ava Peterman racing

MS Boys: Cory Anderson placed 14th,  with Alex Phetmisay, Hunter Kari, Owen Mitchell, Charlie Park, Giovanni Ursillo, Tysen Brownlee, Finn Coleman, Grady Spillman, Thomas Hirsch, Alex Hargrove, Rishi Cutchin, Owen LaMontagne, Benjamin Miller, Torin McDevitt, Jack Wermerskirchen, Ben Haislmaier, Evan DiVittorio, Miles Brenner, Jefferey Gill, Gabriel Winspear and Bryce Frazier, all had strong rides.

MS 6: Colby LaMastra is our youngest team member and only 6th grader on the team, time trialing for 12th place. Well done!

For more results, please go to http://www.idahomtb.org/race-results/

Thank you to our Coaching Team and Parents for supporting the team and making everything run so smoothly. Special shout out to Anne and Clancy Anderson for providing the best homemade pasta pre-race dinner ever, for a team of 100+ in the trees. We are sure this is why everyone performed so well on Saturday!

Last, but not least, we are grateful to have NICA and Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League enriching our lives and providing a great community for us to be a part of!




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