Community Service: Boise Hill Climb

Boise Hill Climb – 19 August 2017

Once again, we will be supporting Mike Cooley at the famous Boise Hill Climb. Boise Braves MTB will be responsible for handing out refreshments and cheering on riders as they pass through the BBMTB first aid station on the mountain bike race course. Timberline and Middleton teams will also be out on course showing their team spirit. Needed: 1-2 adults, 8-10 student-athletes and your awesome team spirit.

Free Entry for Two (2) Female Riders

Liza Rachetto from Hagens Berman Supermint Pro Cycling Team would like to sponsor two female riders that are looking to ride the Boise Hill Climb. This can be on the road or mountain bike course. Liza will be riding with the casual group up to the top on her road bike as she prepares for Triathlon Worlds. Contact for more info.

Boise Hill Climb IV
Boise Hill Climb First Aid Station – 2016

“I cannot thank Andrew and the Boise Braves MTB team enough for the aid they provided me yesterday during the hill climb. I could not have finished without you. Good luck this season, I’ll be cheering for all of you!!!!”

Barb Kreisle – August 2016

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