Important June Updates

The BBMTB Team Store is now open! Order your team kits this weekend.
  • Store open 2-11 June 2017
  • Password – See Team Snap
  • Promo code – See Team Snap
  • Promo gets you one free jersey (must have team dues paid)
  • Link –
  • Forget your size?  Your jersey and shorts sizes are being inputted to  your Team Snap account.  If you missed the meeting on 20 April, you can go to World Cycles and try on the fit kit.
  • NOTICE – BBMTB jerseys and shorts will be updated with new logos this year!
Desert Dirt Shredfest
Next BBMTB  Team Planning Meeting
  • Tuesday, 6 June 2017
  • Healthwise Multiuse Room
BBMTB Bike Skills Camp
  • Registration will open Wednesday
  • Meeting Minutes from last Wednesday’s meeting are posted on the Team Goggle Drive.
Questions?  Comments?  Send to René
*announcements posted from mobile phone – please excuse typos

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