WFA & Desert Dirt Shredfest

Welcome Back Everyone!! Spring temperatures are here and we see many of you out riding in the foothills. Your BBMTB core leadership team has expanded this year to bring you an incredible mountain bike program for 2017.

First up is WFA (Wilderness First Aid) & CPR:

It’s hard to believe we are going into our third season. As our team develops, so does our coaching squad and our certification levels. We have organized an alternative WFA class ($150) with a drop-in CPR ($40) class just for our team. No need to worry about date conflicts! If you are a Ride Leader or Coach interested in taking WFA or CPR, please fill out this Pre-registration Form.

Next up is Desert Dirt Shredfest (FUNdraiser & Bike-a-thon):

Saturday, 20 May 2017  

We are calling on ALL Boise Braves MTB team members and families to come out and participate. Our team is hosting the Desert Dirt Shredfest at the Larson-Miller Short Track.

This will be our signature FUNdraiser event and a great way to kick off the season to guarantee that we have the funds for a great season.

Future link to Desert Dirt Shredfest coming soon!

Want more?

Keep current with the upcoming events at or sign into Team Snap




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