Avimor Avenger – State Championships

Avimor Avenger – Race #5

Planning and Preparation

Pre-race registration closes tonight!

Friday Night Dinner:

  • Food trucks will be at Avimor, Friday late afternoon.  Bring a few dollars and hang out with the entire Idaho League for dinner in front of the Avimor Club House after our 4:00 or 5:00 PM Team Pre-Ride.

Race Course:

The race course covers the same terrain as last year’s course (Ask a returning athlete about last year).  Beware, the High School course has some funky corners and soft shoulders.  Middle School course stay on the two southern loops.

Pre-ride is highly recommended!  See you Friday at 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM for BBMTB Team Pre-Rides.

Course Description from the League Director – The Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League is returning for the 2nd year in a row to Avimor for the state championship race.  Racers will need to bring their ‘A’ game for this event as it’s the final race of the 2016 season and bonus points will come into play for how both individual categories shake out as well as the overall team competition.  The course starts with a gradual climb up a service road before turning onto Avimor’s purpose built single-track.  This course blends many short road sections (perfect for passing) with fun swooping single-track. The backside climb on the course will be challenging, even for more experienced riders. The finishing chute is located practically in the middle of the grass Infield Pit Zone area.  BRING YOUR NOISEMAKERS and CAMERAS for this race!!!

The Details:  High School categories will cover 5.7 miles per lap with almost 650 feet of climbing. Middle school student-athletes will cover 4 miles per lap with approximately 300 feet of climbing. The Clif Bar Feed-Zone will be located on the initial fire road climb, perfect for categories doing multiple laps.
Racers will turn multiple laps on this fast course, with the following NICA Race Duration guidelines for each category:

  • 45 minutes or less for Middle School boys and girls
  • 45-90 minutes for Freshman/Sophomore boys and girls and JV girls
  • 60-100 minutes for JV boys and Varsity girls
  • 90-120 minutes for Varsity boys

Student-athletes may be asked to withdraw at the finish line after time limits have been reached. Race officials reserve the right to determine these time limits at anytime. Time limits may be imposed for reasons that include, among others: safety, heat, cold, rain, muddy conditions, clearing the course, and relieving course marshals. Course closures may be announced at anytime and do not need to be announced in advance. Racers who do not make the time limit cut-off will still be scored and ranked with all other racers who finish early.

Venue map and course details can be found here: INTERACTIVE MAP LINK


Number Plates

No one will be allowed on the race course without a number plate. Temporary plates are no longer permitted. Please be sure to bring your race plate and attach it to your bike after you arrive.


HS Girls race first this week!

Use this link for a clean printable version of timeline: Avimor Avenger Timeline (Updated!)

For quick reference look here:



Need a ride? Have room for a passenger? Please post on the Team Snap “Message Board”.  With our new team trailer and racks, we can haul a five extra bikes. Please let us know ASAP if you need a bike transported.

If you are leaving earlier than the end of the school day, let me know and I’ll send attendance a roster.

No Friday Night Camping

Due to limited on-site camping, the League Director has requested that we sleep at home this race. If you would like to host a traveling family, contact us through Team Snap.



Friday – Mostly Sunny, High 69 / Low 48, winds SE 11 mph, Sunrise 7:50 / Sunset 7:14

Saturday – Sunny, High 75 / Low 52, winds SSE 8 mph, Sunrise 7:51


Saturday Breakfast – Last chance for yummy Breakfast Burritos!

Saturday Lunch – Fix your own sandwiches

  • Chicken, turkey & roast beef cold cuts; swiss or cheddar cheese
  • Peanut butter & Jelly or Nutella
  • Muffins
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Smoothies are back!!


Student-athletes need to bring full water containers.  We will have 20 gallons in the team trailer.


BBMTB needs volunteers at every race! Please sign up and let us know if you’re filling the same positions.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

As you know, BBMTB also supports the Idaho League with volunteers. We are required to provide four (4) volunteers each day. Please keep up your support by remembering to volunteer. No special skills are required and you get the best seat in the house for spectating.  Please start the Idaho League volunteer via our team system so we know who is signed up.

SIgn-Up Here – Avimor

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Remember to wear your BBMTB team jersey to school on Friday.
  • Please plan on being in BBMTB wear for pre-ride on Friday and all day Saturday. It’s also important to wear your team jersey for all Award Ceremonies.

Author: andrewshaber

A local mountain and road bike racer.

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