Magic Mania UPDATE!

Weather Advisory! New Logistics!

The weather situation for this weekend’s race at Magic Mountain Resort (MMR) sees the rainy weather hanging around an extra twelve hours into our Saturday morning. We remain excited for this race in spite of the current cold (possible snow), rain and high winds, but need to advise with new logistics.

  • Team Dinner has been CANCELLED due to winds and split in Friday night sleeping arrangements.
  • Friday Pre-Ride: Coach Andrew will be available at 5:00 PM to ride (weather/course permitting).
  • Camping is now optional at Magic Mania due to deteriorating weather conditions. Focus for team gathering will be Lower & Upper Penstemon.
    • Be prepared for rain, possible sleet, high winds and low temperatures.
    • Be overly prepared! Bring your winter rain gear, winter boots, wool socks and extra warm clothes.
  • Breakfast Burritos will be hot and ready in the Pit Zone at 7:30AM (location change from past races) along with hot drinks.
  • Hot Soup and sandwiches for lunch will be made available with hot drinks throughout the day

Friday Night Options:

  1. Camp/Tents/Vehicle camping
  • Make sure your tent can handle the possible high wind/rain conditions
  • First look for a spot at Lower Penstemon with other teammates or Upper Penstemon which is on a “first come” basis
  1. Campers/RVs
  • There are campsites in the Lower Penstemon campground that can be made available.
  1. Hotel/Motels in the Twin Falls area
  • 45 minute drive from Twin Falls to MMR venue
  1. Driving early Saturday morning from Boise
  • Arrive at venue by 7:30 and ready to pre-ride at 8:00 AM
  • Allow time to be shuttled from parking lot


Athletes are strongly encouraged to pre-ride this course! This racecourse is rated “7 out of 10” by the League Director. Everyone has the skills to ride this course, but we want you to see it and get comfortable with the new riding conditions. Pre-riding will also help you make clothing choices for your race.

Athletes should arrive by 7:30AM to be geared-up and be ready to ride by 8AM.

Parents: As in the past, we will have a Q&A 6:00-6:15 PM tonight at practice to discuss the race this weekend.  Please attend as able.

Thank you for your time and understanding as we strive to meet the changing conditions for this race.

Coach Renee and Andrew

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